Butte Water Distict Board Members and Staff

Board Members

President - Darin Pantaleoni

Vice President - Dale Smith

Director - Charles Etcheverry

Director - Joe Bozzo

Director - Ron Giovannetti

General Manager

Mark Orme - 530-682-8454


Office Manager

Shelly Sannar - 530-933-5762



Operations :  - 530-682-8456

Ditch-tender: Tyler Orme - 530-682-8538

Ditch-tender: Davey Melton Jr. - 530-682-8459

Maintenance: Felix Santana - 530-682-8530

Contacting Your Ditch-tender

Orders should be placed by 2:00pm a minimum of one day before you wish to irrigate. When you wish to irrigate contact your ditchtender at his cell number. If he does not answer leave a voicemail or text message. He will return your call at his earliest convenience. Calls placed after 3:30pm will be forwarded to voicemail.